Here I am sharing my experience at PMP Conference 2007.

Mr. Prabhu Eswarla from HP has presented HP process to assess a project health. Actually, the five of stated checks are generally placed almost in all organizations, but to connect all of them for assessment is a new approach. I find this very interesting.

  • Project Management Review:
    • Objective: Assessment of project alignment with organization goals.
    • Involvement: Project Manager and Group Manager / Sr. Project Manager
    • Time Duration: Monthly
  • Quality Health Check:
    • Objective: Quality compliance assessment of project level of with Quality department standards.
    • Involvement: Project Manager and Quality Manager
    • Time Duration: Monthly
  • Customer Satisfaction:
    • Objective:Assessment of customer satisfaction using his feedback during project.
    • Involvement: Project Manager and Customer feedback
    • Time Duration: Monthly
  • Project Audit Council:
    • Objective: Assessment of peer review on all aspects.
    • Involvement: Project Manager and Peer Managers
    • Time Duration: Quarterly
  • Technology Management Review:
    • Objective: Assessment of optimal and efficient technology usage.
    • Involvement: Project Manager and architects.
    • Time Duration: Quarterly
  • 5+1 th view:
    • Circle graph with parameters:
      • Time, Cost, Cost/est
      • Quality, Resource, Communication,
      • Risk, Contracts, Client Satisfaction.