Here I am sharing my experience at PMP Conference 2007.

Ms. Sujatha Blakrishnan from Valtech India System has presented her view on Agile Development Management.

I find it fairy interesting as she gave a holistic view of methodology. In consider Agile is shorter release cycles with age-old methodology V shape model software life cycle.

Yes, it is good for both Product and Service companies. I generally know that companies just adopt this model to show customer. But real adaptation requires more work than generally perceived. She mentioned that ValTech has invested almost $ 20 million to establish. I certainly consider it is a heavy investment. I think most of the cost goes into basic setup like Cruise Control, Wiki (Confluence), Video Conference, Skype etc.

After that, it comes culture awareness and customer agreement to participate.

Certainly, it gives tremendous value to customers who can control the flow of development and gets what he wants at the end of project.

But it may not be good enough for a service company like Infosys, Wipro, etc, who wishes to drive it by themselves. Also it is very difficult to define the SLA in these terms. Even if you have come up with one, it will an open-ended SLA which will state to chase a moving target. Because, you have just signed off to changing requirements and adopting customer needs.

Yes, it will good bad new for developers. In this model, developers may have to sit tight all the times without any relaxed day.

But I have to say that this kind of play field give lots of room and flexibility for innovation and creativity amount team and product owner. It is good and bad news for both.

Three main roles in Agile PM:

  1. Product Owner: Defines the Sprint and participate with team to achieve goals.
  2. Scrum Master: Removes the hurdles for execution of project.
  3. Team: Performs the day-to-day and release-to-release tasks.