Yes, “knol project” is Wikipedia by Google. But it has better features for author to monetize on written page, related search box and Peer review widget.

google-knolKnol, according to Google, means ‘a unit of knowledge’. I think it is great to have a better version of wikipedia and I am sure Google will do greater job in this area.

I am firm admirer for Google way of doing business. But I would certainly not advocate the monopoly. To overpower Google or Microsoft, you got to be smarter and quicker to kill the beast, otherwise the story repeats itself.

Yes, I have heard that Chief of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales was talking about creating Search Engine to beat GooG and see … what Google has replied with!!! A beta and running service of Knol.

I think in business, you got to stay ahead, not just by talking and letting your opponent know your thinking patterns rather strike them when they least expect you and materialize on the gain from their on. Google did same to Yahoo and Microsoft. Wikipedia just lost it.