I am dreaming …. I am concerned …. I am a server-side application developer.

mobile-checkinEveryone is talking about LBS (Location Based Services) for mobile and they are developing applications for the same. Google with Andriod, Nokia buying NavTeq and Yahoo going for “Go”.

Why everybody is developing their Location Aware Applications? If I have to install 10 software on my mobile, I am sure all of them will be reading my GPS info constantly from mobile and sending to their respective servers. First of all, it is sheer wastage of processing power of my tiny mobile and also the bandwidth (because applications may use their own protocol to transmit Location Coordinate) . It can be easily done if HTTP request has this parameter for Location Coordinate.

If I would change the scenarios a little bit. Instead of developing applications which send Location Coordinates to server applications, develop only server side application which work with Location Based Browser (LBB).

What the hell is LBB?

LBB is a normal browser with extended capability to send Location Coordinates in HTTP request itself.

What will it change?

It will change the world, the way people are developing and thinking about mobile applications. Instead of putting effort in development, installation, upgrades and porting application to different platform, stick to server side and rely on Location Based Browser and do the rest. I don’t see any difference when I compare between today’s Application revolution and evolution of desktop application maturing into Web Application. Do you remember how many software installations we used to do with Windows 95.

I will be awake and happy if browser companies can think and develop this feature into their browser. It will be similar transformation what we saw in desktop with browser presence.

Loki is a solution but it is still not for any other mobile web application development.

Mozilla, Apple, Google, are you listening?

These days, there is too much hoopla around LBS services. Actually, it needs only one dose of innovation to trigger consolidation just like Internet Browser did for desktop applications. Before HTTP era, every PC application used to maintain its user context for its own network, and then browser came and all the desktop applications flew to servers.

On mobile, there is same story where every application is trying to maintain user location for server to do some mobile magic. If a browser can do this job more uniformly, all the mobile applications will again start fly back to server. Yes, it is LBB (Location Based Browser)