>Few years back I used OS Commerce to build a NGO website to sell handicraft works. Recently, I came across a presentation about other open source Content Management Systems which are widely used across industry as well as small business. Here I share my learning from it.

Content Management Systems
Content Management Systems (CMS) are designed to allow non-tech users to create, maintain and publish their website without knowledge of underlying technology. It provides main service of publishing document/information about dept, corp, product, services etc without any admistrative help. It also provides  document management system (DMS) capability to manage versioning of documents. Its usage has reached to Blog and Web 2.0 applications as well as to very large corporations and gov organization. There are three major CMS system with open source flavor.

All of these are based on LAMP(Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP) technology stack. Three years back, I, myself, used WordPress platform to build and manage self-hosted Blog service for myself. It was fantastic experience but decided to give away my blog management to The Boss “WordPress”. 🙂

When we talk about CMS we can’t forget to talk about Reporting tool. Here are few of them.


A XML based great Business Intelligence tool. With Java interface, it has become almost de-fecto standard of report implementation for Java developers.
A visual tool interface to JasperReport technology base. Its WYSIWYS editor brings fantastic edge in report development for JasperReport. This allows user to do everything from dragging a image to change a font, or bring anything they wish.
JFree Report: 
It can be used to create chart of variety of kind from simple pie chart to Gantt and parato charts. Java based.
This CMS has been the most famous amongst all. It is for enterprise reporting, analysis, dashboard, data mining, workflow and ETL capabilities for Business Intelligence (BI) needs. Pentaho uses a subscription-based customer model. The developer community involved in the project comprises around 8,000 members. Pentaho generates revenue via technical support and management services for enterprise customers. Good part is that it can access data from a variety of Data source like OLAP, XML, RDBMS etc.
It is a professional open-source company that provides free documentation and paid professional service to users of its software.

Most of above makes money by support activities or extension development.  But who makes money even in this. Microsoft!!! They also have their foot in this space with a closed paid product called Microsoft Sharepoint System (MOSS).