>Rational has a superb collection of tools to manage complete software product development lifecycle. It is amazing vision to automate whole process. Yes, it is a learning from other matured engineering branches like automobile.

Rational Composer:

  • Role: Business Analyst 
  • Purpose: Defining and composing requirement

Rational RequisitePro:

  • Role: Project Manager
  • Purpose: Managing requirement with project lifecycle.

Rational Software Architect: 

  • Role: Architect and Designer  
  • Purpose: Once requirements are defined, that is where Architect jumps in with

Rational Software Analyzer:

  • Role: Developer/QA Engineer
  • Purpose: Static Code Analysis and Code review 

Rational Purify: 

  • Role: System Analyst
  • Purpose: System Performance Matrices  

Rational Tester: 

  • Role: QA Engineer
  • Purpose: This tools help QA engineers to do regression testing.

Rational Team Concert:

  • Role: Team
  • Purpose: Team collaboration tool for Agile development

Rational Quality Manager: 

  • Role: Quality Manager
  • Purpose: Test planning, workflow control, tracking and metrics reporting

Jazz is the Rational program to bring collaboration to this diverse and comprehensive tool kit. It is an attempt to bring all above in one umberalla. If that happenes, IT development will be just like GM Car plant where car gets manufactured without human hand touch. In IT, it will be without bothering keyboard of developers.

With this vision, I think developer’s days are numbered. 😦