Everyone admires the wealthiest investor of this world, Mr. Warren Buffet, but I never bother to know him more. But last evening, on NDTV, I heard his talk with Pranab Roy. Man, I was impressed by the Old man’s wisdom. Warren-Buffett-advice

Here are few bits, picked up from his talk.

  • People Orientation:
    • People should love you.
    • Assessment – Know what you like in other person and know your strength also know opposite. Just work on it.
    • Shelled Personality – Don’t create shell around you through which people may restrict access to you. This is recipe for all failures and unhappiness.
  • Forward Looking Personality:
    • Conduct yourself so that you never look back by doing best for the moment,
  • Emotions vs Rationale:
    • Keeping Emotions and Rationale for the right places.
      • Decision Making – Rationale
      • People dealing with Emotions
  • Art of Business Evaluation:
    • Business should not be looked by its balance sheet rather than feeling of business.
    • Feel Factor > Expansion Factor > Gordian Factor > Competitive Factor
    • Cut the noise what people say, stick to your formula.
    • E.g. a stock is going down but you see that it has potential just like Infy. Go for it.
    • If you cant answer a difficult question what you doing, you are not doing the right thing.
    • Dont answer anything that someone else has told you. It should be your clear answer from within.
  • Passion:
    • Find a fun job, you will never work forever.