Just like everyone, I also get inspired by those Wisdom words. Here are few quotes, I recently collected. But sorry, dont know their sources. Please chip in as you wish.

  • Stretch the limits and Stay committed to set goalInspiring Quotes6
  • Know your strength and build on top of it.
  • Leadership is about influence moving people to action by example.
  • Focus on Possibility, Results and Getting things done.
  • Surround yourself with inspiring people and environment.
  • Learn from your past failures of business and build on top of it.
  • If the rate of change outside is faster than changes within, you are doomed. 
  • “Optimistic sees benefits/challenges in every calamity, pessimistic sees calamity in every benefits/challenges.”
  • It should not just be talk level change, it should be internal and every step of way…