Rafael Nadal is such an inspiring personality to me that every time I watch him, he amazes me with his rigor to win. He has some mental attitude toward win that every ball he hits, has to be a winner.

I was reading an article about ‘Mind over Tennis’ where they argued about Mental strength of Nadal. Here I am jotting down those points.

  • Living in Moment:
    • Has rare ability to embrace the moment, the here and now
    • Biggest strengths is ability to live in the moment.
    • Not just to target for Win but to simply aims to compete for each moment.
  • Self Assessment:
    • Has mental agility to assess a situation on his feet
    • Does self-assessment for different situations, inner emotions and his reactions.
    • Ask questions to self after difficult matches
  • Resilience:
    • Refuses to fade in any circumstances and score-line
  • Self-belief:
    • Belief in himself helped in conquering self-doubt and upping confidence levels.
    • When the chips are down, the believer rides over the doubts.