IT companies are in process of reinventing themselves to adjust new scenario of competition. Traditionally, volume based growth was the only way to grow linearly, but with changing dynamics of market, where customer asking for value add, scarcity Good technical resource and competitive price pressure, are forcing companies to think “Alternatively Growth Plan”. That is about non-linear growth which can come from re-modeling existing business model around platform, product, Intellectual property and Automate processes. After refering few news articles, here are few offerings which could potentially drive new revenue growth.

  • Differentiated Service Offering
    • Using intellectual properties or domain expertize to solve client’s technology, business or operational challenge
  • Productized Solution
    • Platform or product into niche area to address replicable solutions across multiple customers.
  • Flex Delivery Models
    • Leveraging economy of scale by consolidating similar work across the clients through a well defined process, tools, interfaces and centralized scalable team.
  • Lifecycle Accelerators
    • Pre-developed software that automates particular business problem or an aspect of product development to reduce 30% to 70% of the code can be reused across clients
  • Alternate Commercial Models
    • Outcome based pricing models that ensure that client pay only for service which delivers business value. This allows IT companies to transform client relationship from mare technology partner/vendor to strategic business relationship.