Today, I have attended Inaugural session of EPDGM course at Alliance university. Amongst many things, we had session with our Vice Chancellor, Mr. Madhukar G. Angur. It was a very captivating and inspirational 30 mins speech. Here are my notes from that speech.


He specifically emphasized on following Three most important aspects of today’s Corporate Business.

  • Importance of CRS (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • Management Mantra from Bhagvat Gita
  • Upholding Professional Ethics and Values

He also stated out the five important qualities to be successful business professional.

  • Leadership
    • Being Humble and Hopeful
  • Business of Business is Business
    • Getting indulge into Customer’s customers
  • Management Skills
    • Managing Human Resource is key for servicing
  • Globalization
    • Realization of Flat and connected world
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • Take a lab theory to make a successful business

Then, he came down to the course at hand. He advised us to focus on:

  • Research Work
  • Self Analysis
  • Showcasing Leadership
  • Having Global Perspective (Economy)
  • Action Oriented Innovative Thinking