First time, I realized, my passion for dancing, was in trance parties at Goa in 1994. I know, you must be laughing at me, yes, I am laughing on myself as well. Since yr 2000, I have attempted Salsa dancing multiple times, at multiple places, under multiple teachers and even in multiple countries, but could never pass through Level 1. Who do I blame it!!!

Again in 2011, same ghost started haunting me to complete this life milestone of Learning a Dance, this time around, I could maintain my motivation despite my same demons of past pricking me with thoughts “Are you crazy???, At this Age!!, how will it help u in career??? Will you make Career Out of it??, What will people say???, Can you dance Socially or at Stage?? , Where is the time???, Just laze around, you BUM!!!)

But this time, I could cross through all that, finished two levels of Salsa dancing.. YEAY,… but I still cant say, that I am excellent salsa dancer, but I can certainly say, “I am good student of Salsa!!!”