Winning million dollar deal in IT sector is getting challenging as competition gets stiffer and customer becomes choosier. Traditional mechanism of responding to RFX has become more Templatized, it is neither standing out for vendors nor Wow-ing for Customers. Having spent past years in Business Development roles (Pre-Sales), I have also adopted more proactive measures to approach customers with Proactive Proposals to sell our products and services. Even in this, we have mostly focused on “What We Have” in terms of products & services and “How Do We Pitch” them to customers. Both approaches, Reactive & Proactive, have surely given us great successes in winning many large deals. But I have always felt, we could have done better job of finding Real problem zone of customer and pitching it right into that Zone. Retrospectively, I feel, issue was not about approach but mindset. Instead of thinking into customer business challenges and opportunities, we focused on fixing our offerings into our perceived customer context.

In business development, we all are too familiar with strategies of Account Hunting, Mining and Farming, etc. Now, there is new term on horizon, called, Account Nurturing. Account Nurturing is about creating newer opportunities, unearthing hidden problems and discovering unstated needs by Design Thinking approach, which put emphasis on listening, user empathy, whole-brain thinking, collaboration, and experimentation. Design Thinking methodology can enable our front line sales and pre-sales consultants to acquire greater new skills in problem-finding, in analytical decision making, and in being creative, and innovative, in a whole new and exciting way.

Since completion of Design Thinking Certification program on Coursera, I have attempted to apply it in most of my dealings. Here, I share my Applied Design Thinking approach for Winning B2B deals by Developing real Requirements from customers.

It is neither about “Building Things Right” nor “Building Right Things”, but both “Building Right Thing Right..”!!!.