Saurabh Kaushik

Just another Technologist!!! Having laid my hand on Oak (Java 1.0) in late 90s,  I still can’t get enough of it. It has been aesthetic roller-coaster ride to live an evolution of Information Technology industry.

From my Boyzone days itself, I wished for a computing career as I could feel enormous potential of computing, but unfortunately, could get a hand on one till I joined engineering degree in computer science. At engineering college, I had a fulfilling learning time as well as a fantastic fun time with friends.

Post college, I started my career with a  technology start-up in India’s Silicon Valley, Bangalore. Early years were very exciting for a simple reason of getting paid for the passion “software development”. But that was not enough for my exploratory attitude, so, I begun experimenting with new found potentials. Firstly, I started to become Warren Buffet of Stock market with good initial gains. But later on, it all fizzled out due over-aggressive posturing. Dusting that off the shoulder, I planned to educate myself with ‘knowledge of business’ and joined MBA course. Barely after second term, I had to abandon this due to regular business travels. Luck continues to evade me, when I ventured out for a Social Entrepreneurship stint. With good initial success, this one fell off due to funding issues. Despite of series of failures, I never lost the will chase newer frontiers, but it has certainly forced me to think on my approach.

Pressing the reset button, I again started out. This time around, I went to acquire PMP (Project Management Professional) Certification to understand project management better. While conducting continuous course correction at main stream career, I again planned to complete my unfinished business education. So, I joined a PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) course at another premier management university and completed successfully with Marketing specialization. It was great experience to be in class again and learn the art of business management.

Apart from career focus, I also followed my other passions like, Music-Piano, Sport-Tennis, Dance-Salsa, Language-French, etc., but the one which stuck with me was Tennis. And, I hope to continue it as long as physically possible.

At the end, my belief is that it is all about ‘Business of Technology’ where technology is an enabler, what you do with it, defines you.  My focus continues to stay strong around technology & engineering to design innovative business solution which benefits life of everyone.

Just like everyone, I also have urge to express my insights, concerns, advices and suggestions about  things happening round me. Instead of letting them go, I Rant them here.

Thanking you for reading – About me. 🙂