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Way of Happiness – DVR

Last week, I attend a training session on managing large customer account, delivered by IIMB Professor DVR.  It was impressive but what I liked most was his step out session in which he enlightened us on his philosophy of life and happiness. Although, he gave long and impact full description of  “Ways of Happiness”, but following image is crisp depiction of his intellectual.


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Nadal – A Mental Player


Rafael Nadal is such an inspiring personality to me that every time I watch him, he amazes me with his rigor to win. He has some mental attitude toward win that every ball he hits, has to be a winner.

I was reading an article about ‘Mind over Tennis’ where they argued about Mental strength of Nadal. Here I am jotting down those points.

  • Living in Moment:
    • Has rare ability to embrace the moment, the here and now
    • Biggest strengths is ability to live in the moment.
    • Not just to target for Win but to simply aims to compete for each moment.
  • Self Assessment:
    • Has mental agility to assess a situation on his feet
    • Does self-assessment for different situations, inner emotions and his reactions.
    • Ask questions to self after difficult matches
  • Resilience:
    • Refuses to fade in any circumstances and score-line
  • Self-belief:
    • Belief in himself helped in conquering self-doubt and upping confidence levels.
    • When the chips are down, the believer rides over the doubts.


Just too fascinated with Master Of Tennis Mr. Federer. Here is my reading of his personality and success.

Character of a Master



Inspiring Quotes – 2011

Just like everyone, I also get inspired by those Wisdom words. Here are few quotes, I recently collected. But sorry, dont know their sources. Please chip in as you wish.

  • Stretch the limits and Stay committed to set goalInspiring Quotes6
  • Know your strength and build on top of it.
  • Leadership is about influence moving people to action by example.
  • Focus on Possibility, Results and Getting things done.
  • Surround yourself with inspiring people and environment.
  • Learn from your past failures of business and build on top of it.
  • If the rate of change outside is faster than changes within, you are doomed. 
  • “Optimistic sees benefits/challenges in every calamity, pessimistic sees calamity in every benefits/challenges.”
  • It should not just be talk level change, it should be internal and every step of way…

Bill Gates: Skills to kill

I think in this article Bill has hit the nail at the head by summing his 30 years success in Computer World. I take following learning from him. bill gates

  • It is about continuous learning.
    • Develop good habit of reading lots of book.
  • For success in any career, knowing the right software is essential .
  • Software Innovation is not a cubical job. Rather, it requires:
    • To collaborate and share idea with other people.
    • To site down and talk to customer.
    • To get feedback and understand the needs from end users.

According to Microsoft: Key Business Skills

  1. Team working and interpersonal skills
  2. Initiative
  3. Analyzing and problem solving
  4. Verbal communication
  5. Personal planning and organizing
  6. Flexibility
  7. IT skills


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