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404 movie review: Wallpaper, Story, Trailer at Times of India:

130047-poster-of-404-movie.jpgTruly psyched my mind with twists and turns Must say before you read this review, I prefer thrills of minds rather mare eye candy pleasures. I really liked 404 for its build up, twists and turns between person’s psychology, academic experiment, ragging setup, bi-polar disorder, haunted room and ghost existence. 404 movie is brilliantly knit together with these different concepts with great timing and sequences. I also liked the shade of movie print and backdrop of college. Though, Rajvir acting was superb but Imad Shah’s mischievous look and dimple took major limelight. English movies like Beautiful Mind, which falls in line, but in Indian context, this is one of few movies where director has taken courage to EXPERIMENT with such deep psychological concepts without casting biggies like Amitab, SRK or Ashwarya. Must watch movie!!!

Saurabh Kaushik (Bangalore, India) 21/05/2011 at 11:13 am

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NEXt(US) ONE, pleezzz…

Fascinating mobile world is changing ever faster than we can comprehend. My take on majors of handset arena:

Microsoft plays from its software background and keeps on unleashing new software one after another.  WinMo world has got more of same, but  their approach couldn’t fascinate consumers to cut deep.

Apple builds from its strength of innovation in ground breaking user experience, beating previous each time. i(nventive)Phone, Apple cult has only grown larger, just for others to envy.

Nokia keeps the pace with its beautiful wide range of handset designs to bring more wow factor. They did all to woo developers toward its OS (Symbian), but lost the big game of Web.

Motorola, father of all mobiles, amazed world with its slim-n-trim devices early on. They were the only handset vendor to keep up with all mobile platforms, but same  approach backfired making them headless-chicken-going-nowhere.

Google has kept web as center for all its offering and strengthen their position better to greater. Android has filled the missing piece in jigsaw and Nexus One connected all well. But their unique web strength is main driver and there is no match to it.

Who will be the winner of all the battle, it is yet to be known. But my heart goes out to Nokia for loyalty sake, but mind say it is “Nexus One”.  Hope to get hold of my NEXt(US) One, soon …


Kill Wikipedia : Google Knol

Yes, “knol project” is Wikipedia by Google. But it has better features for author to monetize on written page, related search box and Peer review widget.

google-knolKnol, according to Google, means ‘a unit of knowledge’. I think it is great to have a better version of wikipedia and I am sure Google will do greater job in this area.

I am firm admirer for Google way of doing business. But I would certainly not advocate the monopoly. To overpower Google or Microsoft, you got to be smarter and quicker to kill the beast, otherwise the story repeats itself.

Yes, I have heard that Chief of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales was talking about creating Search Engine to beat GooG and see … what Google has replied with!!! A beta and running service of Knol.

I think in business, you got to stay ahead, not just by talking and letting your opponent know your thinking patterns rather strike them when they least expect you and materialize on the gain from their on. Google did same to Yahoo and Microsoft. Wikipedia just lost it.

My Day with Infinite Richness

Here I want share my take on a book written by my brotherly friend and arch foe (tennis) Mr. Aniruddha Saklani. He has named it “Infinite Richness“. I got my signed copy on 27th March 2005. Amazingly, I was able to finish it by 3rd Jan 2008, not because the book was laborious, but due to my sheer ignorance for intellect. Applaud!!! Pathetic, isn’t it!!! 😦

Alright, back to the book, as name suggests, it is an eye opener for all those unicorns who want to know “why!!!”. It is a beautiful intellectual narration of about 100 pages talking about forgotten strengths of humankind. Author starts with reminders of human evolution and challenges, we face today. He is able to maintain the story like flow weaving all shores. Reading it is like listening to a humble guru with great practical connections and anecdotes. He could really answers lots of questions, we live our whole life without ever asking them. Basically, it inspires you to question everything as he puts it “Including the ground it stand on”.

I can say, I am enriched with answers, I have been searching for. The questions like:

  • What is my destiny or how will I find?
  • What is the connection between richness and freedom?
  • How to distinguish yourself being a maker or taker?
  • What does it take to distinguishes between sucker and creative?
  • What is difference thinking and acting just as science and art?

Although, I have not read many philosophical books, I can say that this book gave me lots of answers and inspired me to ask more.

I would strongly recommend everyone of you to have your dose of this smoothie.

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