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Born Twice

Last week early morning, I was watching a TV program  for which I missed the starting part. So I can give any reference here.

During that program, those gentlemen were discussing about ‘Regrets of Life’. They argued, at the death bed, everyone had to go through same regrets just before last breath unless its a sudden accidental death or individual is wicked creature. These regrets are broadly categorized in three questions, such as: ‘Did we Live enough?’, ‘Did we Love enough?’ and ‘Did it Matter enough?’ This is where we wish, we could live again.

At the end, they gave very interesting suggestion by proposing a philosophy to avoid these regrets. They said, if we ask ourselves these questions everyday, automatically, we will ensure that these does not come back to us at the day of reckoning.

Following image is capture that questionnaire.


  • None

Nokia, my Nex(us)t One!!!

It is over… Nokia lost the battle to Google in winning my heart & mind.

After lots of contemplation, I decided to go Google’s Nexus One way (Named it “Nexus SX4”).

Nexus One Boxed

Nexus One Boxed

Although, Nokia could keep me as a proud owner of their handsets for almost a decade (from 3536 to N82), but could not bring a rabbit-out-of-hat in today’s changing time.  When I reason out my decision, it comes down very simple;

  • “Where do I live and where do I store!!!”.
  • Other broader reasoning ” who is best in providing integrated web infrastructure amongst different handset providers”.

I am sure, all will agree that Google beats everyone else in this game with ecosystem of Search, Mail, Calendar, Contact, Map, Docs, Photo, Social Networking, Video sharing, Voice, RSS Reader, News etc. Yes, I do know, what others DO as well:

  • MS does not believe in Web but and been a follower all along.
  • Yahoo and Facebook don’t focus on mobile market much.
  • Apple, Nokia and Palm don’t have it or equivalent to none.

Google is sure front runner in providing integrated experience in all these services, all the more, more on the way from their fancy labs. Now MORE to add to that list, an OS, a Browser and a Mobile platform. Becoming …. More Power-packed!!!

Yes, I am infatuated with Google’s center philosophy of  Web. 🙂 I am always been a server guy who prefer one installation (at server) and unlimited views (through Browser’s eye).

Nexus One - Tattooed

Nexus One - Tattooed

Apple with its iPhone Platform, touch Tech and app Store have certainly revolutionized the Super(Dead)Phone market and given a boost to its cult followings, as well. But its closed hardware/software approach raises doubts about its continuity of future dominance. With recent Admob vs iAd saga, it shows that Fruits are trying to catch up with Rings in advertising revenue war, but will they slice it right, it is all of us to see. Patterns is that Apples will morph to look a like rings (Google’s). Another thing which I hate about Apple’s approach is its Application vs Google’s Web orientation.  Retrospectively, we all are witness of browser murdering PC Applications orientation.

Enough of fruits/rings talk, lets talk my favs at Nexus:

  • Contact – Through Gmail contact; integrates Facebook very well.
  • Photo –  Seamlessly with Picasa
  • Map – Brings Latitude and Contact.
  • Voice to Text & vice-versa – Done via Web (not application)
  • Goggles and Shopper – Click and Find
  • Buzz – Google’s FB/TW but way to go
  • Voice Dialer – Even invokes application
  • Voice – Bye bye Skype
  • Listen – Live Podcasting with great search
  • YouTube, WordPress,  Reader, Earth etc.

And … my wishlist:

  • Direct Photo sync with other photo sharing websites
  • Cut and Paste functionality
  • Email – Attachment from file system (it is possible other way round)
  • Task killer and File System Explorer (Have 3rd party, but like to have Android based)
  • Accessories – Keyboard via Bluetooth
  • Last … reducing price on accessories :-/
  • Turn By Turn Driving directions for India via Gmaps

Nokia has lost this game by failing to bring a comprehensive web ecosystem around its phone.  I think Nokia should stick to what it does best “Being a provider of high fashion sturdy handset “. In my opinion, only way up for Nokia is:

  • Either bring out groundbreaking intelligent sensor-ed phone with its new baby MaeMo.
  • Or become just handset vendor, just like PC vendors – Dell or HP, and support all famous mobile platforms.

I cant argue with any iPhone fanatic but I think G has matched up to A. Google has better chances to win this battle than Apple, who has not shed enough sweat & blood on frontier, called “The Web”.

Opening doors to Open Source

Effected by recession swine flu, giants have been looking for a medication to save few pennies and cut any long tails. With immediate effect, all execs did gone on hunting for that big or small idea, but with no avail. One major possibilityOpensource, which was overlooked for very longtime, was IT department budget. It has been deeply entrenched perception that only licensed software are the best and safe bet. Definitely, we all have become so obsessed about licensed software world, we have forgotten to google with words like “Free Software” or “Open Source Software”. Understandably, Freeware software still does not excite many due to their restrictive, close system and monetary approach (behind free).  But, on other side, white swan, Open Source movement, has emerged from so-called “software for academic” to “software for everyone” in slow but steady way. All this while, open source revolution maintained its consistent turtle pace to offer a viable alternative to all the advanced and expensive licensed software.

Voila, with this realization, CTO execs must have taken sign of relief that instead of their pay-check coming under butchers knife, it is Sys Admin dept budget which is being shaved using OSS branded blade.

In this fast age of hip-hype, even consumer are demanding Linux over glossy Vista,  because all they bother is Browser on a decent OS. Seriously, Open Source movement has come of age.

Keeping up with OSS spirit, GigaOM has initiated a visionary venture called OStatic to bring a highly reputed blog about open source software, which will allow brainstorming between different OSS communities to one place for e all news, views and reviews.

Few of my favorites OSS:

  • Portal Development: Life Ray Standard Version
  • Reporting Tool: Jspaer, iReport
  • OS – Linux, Solaris,
  • DB – MySQL
  • Office – Open Office
  • ESB – JBossESB, OpenESB
  • Content Mgmt – Drupal, Alfresco, Oomla
  • BI Mgmt – SAP/Congnus (IBM) -> Pentaho BI System
  • Website Development – LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP)
  • Mobile – Android, Limo
  • Website Content Platform – OSCommerce

Now they are even talking about Open Source Hardware… It is very interesting to know how they have taken OSS to OSH. 🙂

My LBS Wishlist

I have started to think on what my wish list for Location Based Service well before I could buy my first GPS enabled mobile phone. Here, I go… please add on if you wish….

lbsLBS Follow Me:

  • Tracking my footsteps and of my friends.
  • Tracking my friends in near by location.
  • Tracking my POI near my location.
  • According to user route, you can send special offer. Frequent Local Visitor.

LBS advisement:

  • Send advertisement according to my location.
  • Filtering the advertisement based on my preference.
  • Spam guard against advertisement


  • Local Area News


  • Will the browser be changed to add Location info sent to server as a part of every HTTP request?

It has been a struggle to put my Net isocial_networking_sitesidentity and service usage at one place. Actually, I am great follower of Google Eco-System but while competing this list, there were many important items which fell outside the Google Zone. Following are few which I could jot down.

  • Google Social Graph:
    • Message – Email
    • Chat – Google Talk
    • Calendar – Calendar
    • Photo – Picaca
    • Notes – Notebook
    • Blog Feed – Feedburner
    • RSS – Reader
    • Social Network – Orkut
    • Video – YouTube
    • Blogs – Blogger
    • Website Infrastructure – Apps
  • Non-Google graph:
    • Professional Network: Linkedin and Xing
    • Social Network – Facebook
    • OpenID – Verising, OpenID,
    • Agregator – Mybloglog
    • Network File System – Box net
    • Bookmark – Foxmarks
  • Preferred over Google:

    • Blogs – WordPress
    • Photo – Flikr

Ideally, anyuser would like to keep all his important belonging at one place where trust and faith stays. This is against the philosophy of elders “never keep all the eggs in one basket”, but today when experimentation is the way of life. What if basket can be tightly protected … what is the harm?

My trust in Google services has been nothing less than existence of Sun and Stars in universe. But a million Euro question … Can Google ever fill in the space… and in time?

MBA Advantage in IT industry

I myself a MBA dropout (due to personal reasons), but I still feel the importance of an business angle to technology solutions. I think in India, MBAs have been able to create their niche in IT industry not just as CEO or Sales troop, but as a techno business solution provider for many IT service companies. The main reasons would be broader solutions in terms of:

  • Providing, pro-actively, solutions to customer business pressure points.
  • Leveraging the deep understanding of their industry trends.
  • Offering competitive landscape, rather than mere technology capabilities.

MBA-1Clients are moving a broader range of complex solutions, system integration and consulting solutions offshore, which need higher proportion industry knowledge, domain depth and business to technology requirements transition.

As business going global and market getting globalised, clients want domain professionals who have intricate understanding of business dynamics in every location and technology alignments.

All this allow, IT services become a fuller solution with industry knowledge along with technology excellence and provide solution to business pressure points, not just tech solutions.

On contrary, PDC (product development centers), in Indian IT industry, still do not follow this potential offerings as they merely remain development centers for large business hub across the globe. Here, business thinking cap is wore by business specialist across the globe.

MBAs has greater opportunity to leverage in IT services companies than PDCs. Perhaps, if a MBA individual can grow into domain superbly, he can chart the world wide web certainly.

MBA vs Entrepreneur

“Entrepreneurship” remains a fascinating word for many MBA graduates and working folks (non MBA yet, including me. 😉 But there are few who could “Just do it”. Here I like to highlight my take on it.

I think there are more ‘born’ entrepreneurs than ‘made’. Considering, Jack Welch, Bill Gates, Dell and many more. Some suggest that entrepreneurship can be thought, my vote to this statement is somewhat to limited degree.
I think college can

  • Get you in a lab.
  • Get domain knowledge on historical data basis.
  • Teach you unique way of logical thinking.
  • Teach you problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Teach you set of belief about humans.

But it fails to recognize and educate about sightings the future, which is a core attribute to an entrepreneur personality.

Even, MBA program for entrepreneurs, can teaches you, only.

  1. How to evaluate an idea or an opportunity?
  2. How to make business plan?
  3. How to recognize and mitigate risks?

Inversely, Entrepreneurship has three core aspects.

  1. Exploiting and defining opportunity, careful.
  2. Understanding and marshallings the required resources.
  3. Negotiating and harvesting these resources, effectively.

College can teach you “science of entrepreneurship”. But the art, “application of principals of science”, is very much individual attitude. This is where the difference lies between management graduate and street smart entrepreneur. Why?? In decision making, the graduate will heavily rely on historical events, index patterns, market data or future predications, but later one will just rely beats of the street, people day-to-day problem and his vision to tap it.

Education teaches us to plan for uncertainty. But often, this education can be disabler and can hamper our ability:

  • To be adventures against stated risk.
  • To tolerate the risks and event due to over-analysis.
  • To pursue the unknown.
  • To dream!!!

But what I see a down side of education is that you heavily rely on data and skills. MBA education does not mean that you get the job of entrepreneur or guarantees the taste the success for any startup you dip in. I think formal business education can be a liability to an entrepreneur. Why? How?

This can damage a potential entrepreneur success prospect. If a potential entrepreneurs goes to MBA collage, he will be made to think and make decisions just like professionals sitting in big corporates. These graduate professionals are supposed to depend data sheets and computer generated project report to make decision. And certainly, he will not be allowed to take any decision on any a potential prospects without databased projections. Entrepreneurship is doing just the opposite. It is about

  • Beating the rich and fat corporate guns where they cant think and shoot.
  • Making gut feeling a reality.
  • Beating the elephant with rabbit like speed.

I am not advocating against MBA grads, instead stating, entrepreneurship is not for just for those graduates ‘unicorns’ but for any body who can dream and chase those desires to douse the fire in belly.

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