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Fat Apps killing my NexusOne

Just now, FB and G+ updated its app on my mobile and now it take 10+MB of internal storage.

With Apps are getting fatter, my Nexus One is running out of Internal Storage. I never imagined, that this sweetheart will become absolute obsolete within 2 years. Somehow, I dont prefer to chase every new device for few additional feature. My rule of thumb is to have it, if it has good fundamentals (platform & Ecosystem). But it missed one layer down, future of FATTER app and underlying hardware capacity. So, time to change it…. Waiting for right to switch!!!



Nokia, my Nex(us)t One!!!

It is over… Nokia lost the battle to Google in winning my heart & mind.

After lots of contemplation, I decided to go Google’s Nexus One way (Named it “Nexus SX4”).

Nexus One Boxed

Nexus One Boxed

Although, Nokia could keep me as a proud owner of their handsets for almost a decade (from 3536 to N82), but could not bring a rabbit-out-of-hat in today’s changing time.¬† When I reason out my decision, it comes down very simple;

  • “Where do I live and where do I store!!!”.
  • Other broader reasoning ” who is best in providing integrated web infrastructure amongst different handset providers”.

I am sure, all will agree that Google beats everyone else in this game with ecosystem of Search, Mail, Calendar, Contact, Map, Docs, Photo, Social Networking, Video sharing, Voice, RSS Reader, News etc. Yes, I do know, what others DO as well:

  • MS does not believe in Web but and been a follower all along.
  • Yahoo and Facebook don’t focus on mobile market much.
  • Apple, Nokia and Palm don’t have it or equivalent to none.

Google is sure front runner in providing integrated experience in all these services, all the more, more on the way from their fancy labs. Now MORE to add to that list, an OS, a Browser and a Mobile platform. Becoming …. More Power-packed!!!

Yes, I am infatuated with Google’s center philosophy of¬† Web. ūüôā I am always been a server guy who prefer one installation (at server) and unlimited views (through Browser’s eye).

Nexus One - Tattooed

Nexus One - Tattooed

Apple with its iPhone Platform, touch Tech and app Store have certainly revolutionized the Super(Dead)Phone market and given a boost to its cult followings, as well. But its closed hardware/software approach raises doubts about its continuity of future dominance. With recent Admob vs iAd saga, it shows that Fruits are trying to catch up with Rings in advertising revenue war, but will they slice it right, it is all of us to see. Patterns is that Apples will morph to look a like rings (Google’s). Another thing which I hate about Apple’s approach is its Application vs Google’s Web orientation.¬† Retrospectively, we all are witness of browser murdering PC Applications orientation.

Enough of fruits/rings talk, lets talk my favs at Nexus:

  • Contact – Through Gmail contact; integrates Facebook very well.
  • Photo –¬† Seamlessly with Picasa
  • Map – Brings Latitude and Contact.
  • Voice to Text & vice-versa – Done via Web (not application)
  • Goggles and Shopper – Click and Find
  • Buzz – Google’s FB/TW but way to go
  • Voice Dialer – Even invokes application
  • Voice – Bye bye Skype
  • Listen – Live Podcasting with great search
  • YouTube, WordPress,¬† Reader, Earth etc.

And … my wishlist:

  • Direct Photo sync with other photo sharing websites
  • Cut and Paste functionality
  • Email – Attachment from file system (it is possible other way round)
  • Task killer and File System Explorer (Have 3rd party, but like to have Android based)
  • Accessories – Keyboard via Bluetooth
  • Last … reducing price on accessories :-/
  • Turn By Turn Driving directions for India via Gmaps

Nokia has lost this game by failing to bring a comprehensive web ecosystem around its phone.¬† I think Nokia should stick to what it does best “Being a provider of high fashion sturdy handset “. In my opinion, only way up for Nokia is:

  • Either bring out groundbreaking intelligent sensor-ed phone with its new baby MaeMo.
  • Or become just handset vendor, just like PC vendors – Dell or HP, and support all famous mobile platforms.

I cant argue with any iPhone fanatic but I think G has matched up to A. Google has better chances to win this battle than Apple, who has not shed enough sweat & blood on frontier, called “The Web”.

NEXt(US) ONE, pleezzz…

Fascinating mobile world is changing ever faster than we can comprehend. My take on majors of handset arena:

Microsoft plays from its software background and keeps on unleashing new software one after another.¬† WinMo world has got more of same, but¬† their approach couldn’t fascinate consumers to cut deep.

Apple builds from its strength of innovation in ground breaking user experience, beating previous each time. i(nventive)Phone, Apple cult has only grown larger, just for others to envy.

Nokia keeps the pace with its beautiful wide range of handset designs to bring more wow factor. They did all to woo developers toward its OS (Symbian), but lost the big game of Web.

Motorola, father of all mobiles, amazed world with its slim-n-trim devices early on. They were the only handset vendor to keep up with all mobile platforms, but same  approach backfired making them headless-chicken-going-nowhere.

Google has kept web as center for all its offering and strengthen their position better to greater. Android has filled the missing piece in jigsaw and Nexus One connected all well. But their unique web strength is main driver and there is no match to it.

Who will be the winner of all the battle, it is yet to be known. But my heart goes out to Nokia for loyalty sake, but mind say it is “Nexus One”.¬† Hope to get hold of my NEXt(US) One, soon …


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