Here I want share my take on a book written by my brotherly friend and arch foe (tennis) Mr. Aniruddha Saklani. He has named it “Infinite Richness“. I got my signed copy on 27th March 2005. Amazingly, I was able to finish it by 3rd Jan 2008, not because the book was laborious, but due to my sheer ignorance for intellect. Applaud!!! Pathetic, isn’t it!!! 😦

Alright, back to the book, as name suggests, it is an eye opener for all those unicorns who want to know “why!!!”. It is a beautiful intellectual narration of about 100 pages talking about forgotten strengths of humankind. Author starts with reminders of human evolution and challenges, we face today. He is able to maintain the story like flow weaving all shores. Reading it is like listening to a humble guru with great practical connections and anecdotes. He could really answers lots of questions, we live our whole life without ever asking them. Basically, it inspires you to question everything as he puts it “Including the ground it stand on”.

I can say, I am enriched with answers, I have been searching for. The questions like:

  • What is my destiny or how will I find?
  • What is the connection between richness and freedom?
  • How to distinguish yourself being a maker or taker?
  • What does it take to distinguishes between sucker and creative?
  • What is difference thinking and acting just as science and art?

Although, I have not read many philosophical books, I can say that this book gave me lots of answers and inspired me to ask more.

I would strongly recommend everyone of you to have your dose of this smoothie.