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IBM, Oracle, SAP and MS all are gunning big for piece of enterprise cloud computing marketplace. But questions remained open “Why should one go for it?”. Virginia Sharma, Director @ IBM, attempted to answer in an impressive keynote speech during SOA India 2009. Here are my pickups:

IBM launched “Smarter Planet” marketing campaign last year to align its smartplanettechnology and consulting offerings with next generation solutions to revolutionize every aspect of life.  The main idea was to present smarter organization by Instrumentation, Interconnection and Intelligence to realize its meaning “Achieve more with less”. Her talk was not about SOA or Cloud, but about wider concept of synergies between business, technology and people. She mentioned three major aspects of a smarter organization with her case studies.

  • Business can evolve better to adopt and respond to dynamics by smarter supply chain management, analytics systems and asset optimization mechanism.
  • People can collaborate better to maximizing effectiveness by smarter collaboration system, resource allocation mechanism and product development environment.
  • Technology can enable better to flexibility to meet business need by smarter network systems, business applications and production planning management.

In this session, she laid a foundation for decision makers to embrace cloud with their “Smart” offerings.SOA Conf-2

In another session, IBM folks presented “Cloud In A Box”, a packaged Websphere on to a server box to enable, control and manage a private cloud. Call it “IBM Websphere Cloudburst” , a cloud infrastructure solution under Smarter Cloud program. In offline discussions during conference, many participants were not voting for private cloud as it is against the pure cloud concept and its benefits.


Yesterday, I was at GIDS (Great Indian Developer Summit)  in Bangalore. There was massive developers attendance and enthusiasm could be felt in air itself.  Due to office schedule, I could only opt for Java track. All of the GIDS-logosession were very well placed with interesting subject lines. There were all flavors of sessions, from my view-point, I could grasp some of them instantly, some I attended reluctantly and some I ignored due to my lack of insight in those. Here are few sessions which I classify digested well and been satisfied.

Fairly Satisfied:

Digested Well:

Shortly, I will be blogging on few of these subjects on my tech insight blog.

Now it’s Moto wooing developers

Finally, Motorola also realized the power of open source. Moto MAGX is next generation of platform based on Linux. “Moto MAGX will be part of its 61% of handset in next few years” says Christy Wyatt, Vice President, Software Platforms & Ecosystem, Motorola. All this showdown is to make Motorola a primal choice of mobile content developers and get Motorola in center of the mobile space battle. No wonder, they are heavily invested all variants of Unix based mobile OS development around the world, from Linux Mobile, Symbian to Android.

May 14th 2008, Motodev Summit, held in Bangalore, was by far a great conference attendance. Sheer glitzy stage, music and Hollywood like launch were certainly the inspiration from Apple’s showcase events.

The summit also offered tutorials on everything a developer aspire to know on design, develop, debug, deploy and distribute compelling enterprise, vertical business or consumer applications with Motorola. This summit was seeking to generate new ideas and enthusiasm for their main audience, Indian Content Developers.

I personally felt that the business model shake-down and open community adoption would really assist Motorola, being a viable option for global entrepreneurs in Mobile space. Certainly, their cheering support for Java was a sweetspot in this bustling era of Mobile OS vendors.

During the panel discussions, two major challenges were highlighted namely fragmentation and discovery. Fragmentation of choice among platforms and discovery of new and useful applications. Motorola attempted to give both the answers, one by declaring support for Open OS like Linux and second by providing the a Catalog service for mobile applications.

Motorola has introduced Motorola Solutions Catalog to provide a launch vehicle for content developers. Moto Catalog will help users to choose among applications as well as developers to market their products. Motorola is also offering preloading feature for winner applications for their future mobiles. This step certainly encourages small budget team to innovate and compete on world-wide mobile. All this for one “E + I” formula, “Encouraging Innovation”. As Cristy rightly puts, “Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity not as a threat”.

They also attempted to tune with techno entrepreneur to focus on business and end users first, followed by choice of application development platforms. Also pointed out, the simple and sound success factor could be just user interface of “Three clicks to Glory”. Mobile market is on crossroad with three major components (Device, Network and Application) of ecosystem fighting out for dominance. But all have to work together to get it going.

During entire summit, Motorola was very much attempting to get on to another missed band wagon, GPS mobile. Early impactful entry of Nokia in GPS market has once again thrown Moto to chase another one. It is for all of us to see, how last known innovation MOTO RAZR will stimulate next big bang “Geo + Media + Socials” in Moto world. God bless, Moto.

At end, welcoming the Linux on Motorola devices is a greeted step for all. It provides enough reasoning to call upon open world and play in their backyard.

It was one of the finest conference held in Bangalore.

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