I have always been suspicious on game console because I felt it is still the old style. Just like, my father’s time TV, my time of PC and today time of Mobile, you just can’t buy and stay-happy-ever-after, instead you live in constant worry to compete with your neighbor upgraded and newer box/station/stick. Can you imagine who enjoy this vicious social circle, yes, its console vendors like MS, Sony and Nintendo. It is very well happening in my game life, I don’t wanna even dust off my 3 year “new” XBox as it does not sex me up anymore.

Anyways, what is more depressing from creative game industry point of view that game developers have to either stick to a walled garden or spend all life porting its electronic art. The end result, can’t play Halo my PC or PS3 Or Cult of War on XBox. That is BAD!!!onlive-logo2

Stumbled upon OnLive, that is a game changer idea. I found its On Demand game and no-platform features most exciting. This is the future of the game, an open world of gaming.

But, how the hell it works???  Gold jargon “Its Cloud Computing baby”!!! Term has been tossed around in every nook and corner of computing industry today. So here it is in your game too.

OnLive brings one of major differentiator that I can state: Actual game runs on server instead of expensive console.

Result: Makes  coördinate/action response come from server not from console.


  • Console independence
  • No hard disk limitation
  • Resume game from anywhere (Home PC or Office PC;)
  • Multiplayer game will be better coördinated with lesser lag time

Above observation came from my past attempt of writing my first network based multi-player game in 1996  using Java 1.0. Did make success, but could not build career out of it. 😦

Coming back to point, all you need to go OnLive is a great broadband connection and you are free from the fortress of walled garden of consoles. All the more, with 4G phones, hope OnLive will bring the experience there too. These disruptive ideas revolutionize the way we think.

Game Shopping, I am sure it will be cost effective as it is catering to everyone on Net compared to just handful who can afford a shining expensive console (unless you are fortune CEO to buy all).

This is missing bow in Google arsenals, I think Google should take it.

Can you beat it, Box/Station/Stick!!! No, because they believe in keeping you dearly in a cage.