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NEXt(US) ONE, pleezzz…

Fascinating mobile world is changing ever faster than we can comprehend. My take on majors of handset arena:

Microsoft plays from its software background and keeps on unleashing new software one after another.  WinMo world has got more of same, but  their approach couldn’t fascinate consumers to cut deep.

Apple builds from its strength of innovation in ground breaking user experience, beating previous each time. i(nventive)Phone, Apple cult has only grown larger, just for others to envy.

Nokia keeps the pace with its beautiful wide range of handset designs to bring more wow factor. They did all to woo developers toward its OS (Symbian), but lost the big game of Web.

Motorola, father of all mobiles, amazed world with its slim-n-trim devices early on. They were the only handset vendor to keep up with all mobile platforms, but same  approach backfired making them headless-chicken-going-nowhere.

Google has kept web as center for all its offering and strengthen their position better to greater. Android has filled the missing piece in jigsaw and Nexus One connected all well. But their unique web strength is main driver and there is no match to it.

Who will be the winner of all the battle, it is yet to be known. But my heart goes out to Nokia for loyalty sake, but mind say it is “Nexus One”.  Hope to get hold of my NEXt(US) One, soon …



Chrome OS

Foolishly, I always dreamed that Google Pack should be complete OS, eventually it is ready to become that.  “Google Chrome OS” was an expected announcement for me. Google actually built Chrome just like an OS under hood. Remember, Chrome presentation of internal architecture where they say that very tab, JS engine, Image render engine and video player all will be running on separate processes.

I think it is a step in right direction. MS has not changed in last two decades from their approach of “everything is OS dependent”. Unwillingly, they tried to sallow hard pill of “Network is OS”, but their every attempt has same flavor to tie it same old boat “OS”.

All the more, it was expected to be Linux only, as they embrace Open Source in most of their approach. E.g Android, AJAX, Java on App Engine/Android etc. Yes, Linux has more adaptations than total numbers of Michal Jackson songs till his heart attack. I hope Chrome will finally put it to rest.

Only fear I have is that I hope that Google will not follow two OS (Chrome and Android). If yes, that will be a big disaster for this effort.

I always believed that man-kind will move to have single brain and Google is on that path by making web as a center.

Cheers to Chrome ….. will be waiting for this final incarnation of “web as OS”.

It has been a struggle to put my Net isocial_networking_sitesidentity and service usage at one place. Actually, I am great follower of Google Eco-System but while competing this list, there were many important items which fell outside the Google Zone. Following are few which I could jot down.

  • Google Social Graph:
    • Message – Email
    • Chat – Google Talk
    • Calendar – Calendar
    • Photo – Picaca
    • Notes – Notebook
    • Blog Feed – Feedburner
    • RSS – Reader
    • Social Network – Orkut
    • Video – YouTube
    • Blogs – Blogger
    • Website Infrastructure – Apps
  • Non-Google graph:
    • Professional Network: Linkedin and Xing
    • Social Network – Facebook
    • OpenID – Verising, OpenID,
    • Agregator – Mybloglog
    • Network File System – Box net
    • Bookmark – Foxmarks
  • Preferred over Google:

    • Blogs – WordPress
    • Photo – Flikr

Ideally, anyuser would like to keep all his important belonging at one place where trust and faith stays. This is against the philosophy of elders “never keep all the eggs in one basket”, but today when experimentation is the way of life. What if basket can be tightly protected … what is the harm?

My trust in Google services has been nothing less than existence of Sun and Stars in universe. But a million Euro question … Can Google ever fill in the space… and in time?

Kill Wikipedia : Google Knol

Yes, “knol project” is Wikipedia by Google. But it has better features for author to monetize on written page, related search box and Peer review widget.

google-knolKnol, according to Google, means ‘a unit of knowledge’. I think it is great to have a better version of wikipedia and I am sure Google will do greater job in this area.

I am firm admirer for Google way of doing business. But I would certainly not advocate the monopoly. To overpower Google or Microsoft, you got to be smarter and quicker to kill the beast, otherwise the story repeats itself.

Yes, I have heard that Chief of Wikipedia Jimmy Wales was talking about creating Search Engine to beat GooG and see … what Google has replied with!!! A beta and running service of Knol.

I think in business, you got to stay ahead, not just by talking and letting your opponent know your thinking patterns rather strike them when they least expect you and materialize on the gain from their on. Google did same to Yahoo and Microsoft. Wikipedia just lost it.

I have been browsing Firefox plugin site for last two years…. for one very important solution to my Bookmarks Sync Up from Mozilla. All this while, I have tried Google Browser Sync and Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer. But I am never satisfied.weave-logo

I think it is very late move from Mozilla to venture into this project called Weave, which will centralized my data ( all type of bookmarks, RSS feeds and preferences) to one authetic place called Mozilla planet and provide me a uniform browsing experience with my data available on all my computing devices. This should have been an integrated browser solution from day one as both people and their computing devices are not singleton anymore.

I always thought that this kind of user data management can be a big potential for building new services around and we have already numbers of Social bookmarking solutions (del.icio.us, technocrati, stumble upon) out there which makes me happy but confused (which one to use?) At this point of time, Web King, Google has already taken consolidated lead into this area with Browser Syn and Toolbar, it will be a hard to catch run for Mozilla. Reason, why would I change if experience with Google is increasingly satisfying!!!

Mozilla could have bigger advantage in Social Web phenomena than Google who interestingly taken the responsibility of browser to share data in cloud and keep it available not only for users but for themself also.

I am firm follower of Mozilla and Google products, I would still look for synergistic solutions like:

  • To integrate my live bookmark of browser to get synchronized with Google Reader.
  • To integrate my bookmark of browser to get synchronized with Google Bookmark.
  • Browser controlled central place for all my public bookmark management.

Here, I am not advocating to make my browser super-powerful desktop application. But an browsing application which

  1. Make me mobile (on all computers and mobile devices)
  2. Maintain my identity (cookies, form data, history and passwords)
  3. Maintain my preferences (static, social and live bookmarks)
  4. Lesser number of plugin on my browser from competing vendors.
  5. Also able to sync my dictionary (my added words).

Where is Minimo?? Mozilla should have also got into a mobile browser market much earlier where Opera, IE and Safari are solidly gaining ground.

Mozilla should also develop a Firefox variant which can be installed directly on hardware. Beat the Google OS before it rises. Mozilla can become the force to reckon and they can capture very center of Cyber space.

This article seems like a preaching and beating to Mozilla. But these are just thoughts and passionate desires from my experience with their products.

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