I myself a MBA dropout (due to personal reasons), but I still feel the importance of an business angle to technology solutions. I think in India, MBAs have been able to create their niche in IT industry not just as CEO or Sales troop, but as a techno business solution provider for many IT service companies. The main reasons would be broader solutions in terms of:

  • Providing, pro-actively, solutions to customer business pressure points.
  • Leveraging the deep understanding of their industry trends.
  • Offering competitive landscape, rather than mere technology capabilities.

MBA-1Clients are moving a broader range of complex solutions, system integration and consulting solutions offshore, which need higher proportion industry knowledge, domain depth and business to technology requirements transition.

As business going global and market getting globalised, clients want domain professionals who have intricate understanding of business dynamics in every location and technology alignments.

All this allow, IT services become a fuller solution with industry knowledge along with technology excellence and provide solution to business pressure points, not just tech solutions.

On contrary, PDC (product development centers), in Indian IT industry, still do not follow this potential offerings as they merely remain development centers for large business hub across the globe. Here, business thinking cap is wore by business specialist across the globe.

MBAs has greater opportunity to leverage in IT services companies than PDCs. Perhaps, if a MBA individual can grow into domain superbly, he can chart the world wide web certainly.