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Last year, I completed my PGDM course and with that its project work. Here, I am publishing my project report for anyone to have a look at it and benefit from same.
Note: All confidential data has been removed

An Assessment Framework for Strategic Digital Marketing Effectiveness from Saurabh Kaushik


MBA Advantage in IT industry

I myself a MBA dropout (due to personal reasons), but I still feel the importance of an business angle to technology solutions. I think in India, MBAs have been able to create their niche in IT industry not just as CEO or Sales troop, but as a techno business solution provider for many IT service companies. The main reasons would be broader solutions in terms of:

  • Providing, pro-actively, solutions to customer business pressure points.
  • Leveraging the deep understanding of their industry trends.
  • Offering competitive landscape, rather than mere technology capabilities.

MBA-1Clients are moving a broader range of complex solutions, system integration and consulting solutions offshore, which need higher proportion industry knowledge, domain depth and business to technology requirements transition.

As business going global and market getting globalised, clients want domain professionals who have intricate understanding of business dynamics in every location and technology alignments.

All this allow, IT services become a fuller solution with industry knowledge along with technology excellence and provide solution to business pressure points, not just tech solutions.

On contrary, PDC (product development centers), in Indian IT industry, still do not follow this potential offerings as they merely remain development centers for large business hub across the globe. Here, business thinking cap is wore by business specialist across the globe.

MBAs has greater opportunity to leverage in IT services companies than PDCs. Perhaps, if a MBA individual can grow into domain superbly, he can chart the world wide web certainly.

MBA vs Entrepreneur

“Entrepreneurship” remains a fascinating word for many MBA graduates and working folks (non MBA yet, including me. ūüėČ But there are few who could “Just do it”. Here I like to highlight my take on it.

I think there are more ‘born’ entrepreneurs than ‘made’. Considering, Jack Welch, Bill Gates, Dell and many more. Some suggest that entrepreneurship can be thought, my vote to this statement is somewhat to limited degree.
I think college can

  • Get you in a lab.
  • Get domain knowledge on historical data basis.
  • Teach you unique way of logical thinking.
  • Teach you problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Teach you set of belief about humans.

But it fails to recognize and educate about sightings the future, which is a core attribute to an entrepreneur personality.

Even, MBA program for entrepreneurs, can teaches you, only.

  1. How to evaluate an idea or an opportunity?
  2. How to make business plan?
  3. How to recognize and mitigate risks?

Inversely, Entrepreneurship has three core aspects.

  1. Exploiting and defining opportunity, careful.
  2. Understanding and marshallings the required resources.
  3. Negotiating and harvesting these resources, effectively.

College can teach you ‚Äúscience of entrepreneurship‚ÄĚ. But the art, ‚Äúapplication of principals of science‚ÄĚ, is very much individual attitude. This is where the difference lies between management graduate and street smart entrepreneur. Why?? In decision making, the graduate will heavily rely on historical events, index patterns, market data or future predications, but later one will just rely beats of the street, people day-to-day problem and his vision to tap it.

Education teaches us to plan for uncertainty. But often, this education can be disabler and can hamper our ability:

  • To be adventures against stated risk.
  • To tolerate the risks and event due to over-analysis.
  • To pursue the unknown.
  • To dream!!!

But what I see a down side of education is that you heavily rely on data and skills. MBA education does not mean that you get the job of entrepreneur or guarantees the taste the success for any startup you dip in. I think formal business education can be a liability to an entrepreneur. Why? How?

This can damage a potential entrepreneur success prospect. If a potential entrepreneurs goes to MBA collage, he will be made to think and make decisions just like professionals sitting in big corporates. These graduate professionals are supposed to depend data sheets and computer generated project report to make decision. And certainly, he will not be allowed to take any decision on any a potential prospects without databased projections. Entrepreneurship is doing just the opposite. It is about

  • Beating the rich and fat corporate guns where they cant think and shoot.
  • Making gut feeling a reality.
  • Beating the elephant with rabbit like speed.

I am not advocating against MBA grads, instead stating, entrepreneurship is not for just for those graduates ‘unicorns’ but for any body who can dream and chase those desires to douse the fire in belly.

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