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MS Azure – SOA India 2009

Sachin V. Rathi talked about Microsoft’s offering toward cloud computing. Personally, I don’t use any MS offerings except my 6 year old XP and a XP marked key chain from Microsoft 2001 seminar. Anyways, I must admit that Microsoft has transformed all its products towards cloud computing in applaud-able manner.

MS Azure Services are very comprehensive stack for cloud transformation. Some of the notes from presentation about it. MS Azure

Sachin also presented few case studies of their recent work in cloud computing services. What was interesting  for me their approach toward case studies. All of them presented in following fashion.

Build > Run > Consume > Monetize

Few of Cloud services build on Azure are:

  • PhotoSynth: A cloud based 3D image processing application to recognize and synthesize picture of same object/location.
  • Eve Online: A cloud based multilayered networking platform where server maintains the state of game for each player and notify intelligent client about state change of other players.
  • eBooks – British Library: A cloud based eBook library which allows user to view and read British library book with windows 7 gesture technology.

Liked two of his suggestions for enterprise and architects:

  • Enterprise needs to have clear emphasis on Web 2.0 to retain knowledge bank of their employee and let the intellectual juice flow through out organization.
  • Devices are becoming powerful and enterprise needs to find innovative usage to use these in enterprise. Just like radio frequency emitter tag called RFID has found place in shipment and others services.

In another session, Ramkumar Kothandraman, from Microsoft, has talked about MS emphasis on interoperability since they received SOA India 2009mail from Mr. Gate four years back. But their claim of interoperability has always seen with skepticism. Surely, Interop must be true for their own products but how well they operate with others has raised question marks in past. Mr Ramkumar claimed that they has a Vendor Partner Alliance to work on integration with many partners, open source and even competitor products but past experience has proved that their integration approach is to hamper the integrated product capability to the extend that the real essence of that product is lost and you land up replacing it with offerings. Their JVM version is a great example of it.


Bill Gates: Skills to kill

I think in this article Bill has hit the nail at the head by summing his 30 years success in Computer World. I take following learning from him. bill gates

  • It is about continuous learning.
    • Develop good habit of reading lots of book.
  • For success in any career, knowing the right software is essential .
  • Software Innovation is not a cubical job. Rather, it requires:
    • To collaborate and share idea with other people.
    • To site down and talk to customer.
    • To get feedback and understand the needs from end users.

According to Microsoft: Key Business Skills

  1. Team working and interpersonal skills
  2. Initiative
  3. Analyzing and problem solving
  4. Verbal communication
  5. Personal planning and organizing
  6. Flexibility
  7. IT skills


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