I have been browsing Firefox plugin site for last two years…. for one very important solution to my Bookmarks Sync Up from Mozilla. All this while, I have tried Google Browser Sync and Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer. But I am never satisfied.weave-logo

I think it is very late move from Mozilla to venture into this project called Weave, which will centralized my data ( all type of bookmarks, RSS feeds and preferences) to one authetic place called Mozilla planet and provide me a uniform browsing experience with my data available on all my computing devices. This should have been an integrated browser solution from day one as both people and their computing devices are not singleton anymore.

I always thought that this kind of user data management can be a big potential for building new services around and we have already numbers of Social bookmarking solutions (del.icio.us, technocrati, stumble upon) out there which makes me happy but confused (which one to use?) At this point of time, Web King, Google has already taken consolidated lead into this area with Browser Syn and Toolbar, it will be a hard to catch run for Mozilla. Reason, why would I change if experience with Google is increasingly satisfying!!!

Mozilla could have bigger advantage in Social Web phenomena than Google who interestingly taken the responsibility of browser to share data in cloud and keep it available not only for users but for themself also.

I am firm follower of Mozilla and Google products, I would still look for synergistic solutions like:

  • To integrate my live bookmark of browser to get synchronized with Google Reader.
  • To integrate my bookmark of browser to get synchronized with Google Bookmark.
  • Browser controlled central place for all my public bookmark management.

Here, I am not advocating to make my browser super-powerful desktop application. But an browsing application which

  1. Make me mobile (on all computers and mobile devices)
  2. Maintain my identity (cookies, form data, history and passwords)
  3. Maintain my preferences (static, social and live bookmarks)
  4. Lesser number of plugin on my browser from competing vendors.
  5. Also able to sync my dictionary (my added words).

Where is Minimo?? Mozilla should have also got into a mobile browser market much earlier where Opera, IE and Safari are solidly gaining ground.

Mozilla should also develop a Firefox variant which can be installed directly on hardware. Beat the Google OS before it rises. Mozilla can become the force to reckon and they can capture very center of Cyber space.

This article seems like a preaching and beating to Mozilla. But these are just thoughts and passionate desires from my experience with their products.