Taking ref from GigaOm articles, Dash Navigation has got it right and done a great job of bring two fantastic services together, namely GPS and Web 2.0. For me, Dash Express is an Internet enabled GPS (Global Positing System). As in past, we all gone heard from major like Google, Yahoo, etc tried to show us the dream but could not get it in reality. Dash Express is loaded to fascinate us with on the go telling us;

  • Better routes to get destination considering the traffic flow.
  • Better ways to get destination by giving us specific options to shop, eat and drink.
  • Better options to explore locality of route.

Features which I admire most,navigationcc160

  • MyDash: Allows me to create button and upload to Dash device through Internet.
  • Send2Car: Allows me to talk to car from my laptop to updates like addresses.

I am a dreamer and dream of “Total Recall” for features like,

  • Dash Express could interface the Robotic steering wheel and guide car on the road using traffic/motion sensors and live satellite images. Also it could also feel me for all my mood and just take me preferred beer bar or my type of restaurant (spicy Indian) while I am sleeping in backseat of my car.

What do you think?? I am sure, it is not very far fetched dreams and surely an inspiration for Dash and Delphi to come together.