Effected by recession swine flu, giants have been looking for a medication to save few pennies and cut any long tails. With immediate effect, all execs did gone on hunting for that big or small idea, but with no avail. One major possibilityOpensource, which was overlooked for very longtime, was IT department budget. It has been deeply entrenched perception that only licensed software are the best and safe bet. Definitely, we all have become so obsessed about licensed software world, we have forgotten to google with words like “Free Software” or “Open Source Software”. Understandably, Freeware software still does not excite many due to their restrictive, close system and monetary approach (behind free).¬† But, on other side, white swan, Open Source movement, has emerged from so-called “software for academic” to “software for everyone” in slow but steady way. All this while, open source revolution maintained its consistent turtle pace to offer a viable alternative to all the advanced and expensive licensed software.

Voila, with this realization, CTO execs must have taken sign of relief that instead of their pay-check coming under butchers knife, it is Sys Admin dept budget which is being shaved using OSS branded blade.

In this fast age of hip-hype, even consumer are demanding Linux over glossy Vista,  because all they bother is Browser on a decent OS. Seriously, Open Source movement has come of age.

Keeping up with OSS spirit, GigaOM has initiated a visionary venture called OStatic to bring a highly reputed blog about open source software, which will allow brainstorming between different OSS communities to one place for e all news, views and reviews.

Few of my favorites OSS:

  • Portal Development: Life Ray Standard Version
  • Reporting Tool: Jspaer, iReport
  • OS – Linux, Solaris,
  • DB – MySQL
  • Office – Open Office
  • ESB – JBossESB, OpenESB
  • Content Mgmt – Drupal, Alfresco, Oomla
  • BI Mgmt – SAP/Congnus (IBM) -> Pentaho BI System
  • Website Development – LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP)
  • Mobile – Android, Limo
  • Website Content Platform – OSCommerce

Now they are even talking about Open Source Hardware… It is very interesting to know how they have taken OSS to OSH. ūüôā