Chrome OS

Foolishly, I always dreamed that Google Pack should be complete OS, eventually it is ready to become that.  “Google Chrome OS” was an expected announcement for me. Google actually built Chrome just like an OS under hood. Remember, Chrome presentation of internal architecture where they say that very tab, JS engine, Image render engine and video player all will be running on separate processes.

I think it is a step in right direction. MS has not changed in last two decades from their approach of “everything is OS dependent”. Unwillingly, they tried to sallow hard pill of “Network is OS”, but their every attempt has same flavor to tie it same old boat “OS”.

All the more, it was expected to be Linux only, as they embrace Open Source in most of their approach. E.g Android, AJAX, Java on App Engine/Android etc. Yes, Linux has more adaptations than total numbers of Michal Jackson songs till his heart attack. I hope Chrome will finally put it to rest.

Only fear I have is that I hope that Google will not follow two OS (Chrome and Android). If yes, that will be a big disaster for this effort.

I always believed that man-kind will move to have single brain and Google is on that path by making web as a center.

Cheers to Chrome ….. will be waiting for this final incarnation of “web as OS”.