Just got rid-off Gmail Application by uninstalling it from my N82 …. reason …. Gmail mobile web interface got GREATER. There is a big shout around “Nokia shopped Symbian” news. I want to shun all the discussions about “Platform War” with a comment that platform will be mere base to install a mobile browser and my ecosystem of applications will be a set of Web Pointers, we call them “Bookmarks”.

Although I am in agreement with the analogy between PC and mobile platforms war, but end of day, I think better mobile browser will finish this battle of developing applications for multiple platforms. Web applications will do efficient transition into mobile web with help of Cloud computing on back-end.

Tell me who would like to download, install and uninstall applications on a mobile. Personally, I don’t have time to do this. I like to visit a mobile web site, have a experience and if I like it, I will bookmark it, otherwise forget it. It is very simple principle which these big corps can’t seems to understand. They love to react to what others are talking instead of feeling the street.

We all forget who killed desktop application market, no… it was neither platform war, nor application war, but it is malicious application developer who wants to hijack your PC(of past) and mobile of today. Even today,  having best virus checker running on my laptop, my heart still beats at 150 when I am about to install a new software.

Lets forget my problems and wear developer’s hat, two big issues pop up here.

  1. Porting application to all the platforms, “available” and “Android”.
  2. DRM rights for each platform.

Simple answer and solution is to develop a mobile friendly Web interface and let user browser through it.

Then there are other questions like applications deal with special hardware capabilities like GPS, accelerometer, Camera etc. I still hope that a capable browser can still integrate all these hardware interfaces through a new browser. Like a location-based browser.  I hope Mozilla is listening.