Platform providers has unique opportunity to adopt SOA as business model by opening up their platform as web service and allowing developers and partners to build applications. Platform owners can leverage new avenue to monetize the API usage, share revenue for each transaction and sell advertisement as well.SOA Conf

It is win-win situation for all, it is hay days not just for platform builders but also for stakeholders like entrepreneurs, developers, aggregator, end users and marketplace. Their way of cutting gold is by affiliations and partnerships, revenue sharing, advertisements and subscription.

Platform owner needs to formulates their SOA strategy to open-up platform using Web API analogous to Web Services.  Also needs to create environment for platform adaptation and creation of ecosystem around platform for easy entry.  In all this most challenging aspect of this offering is to address heterogeneous users and developers.

Marketing strategy is highly important to give you edge in this PAAS game.

  • Expand footprint of platform
  • Drive traffic
  • Innovation (Feature development)
  • Support new business model
  • Content acquisition (user-generated)
  • Co-branding

Designing the Web API(Web service) is an art and critical to success.  These API needs to support heterogeneous technologies and best way to adopt is is going for open standards like XML/SOAP.  Platform API should be architected with homogeneous and conceptual coherence like WS/REST. Also these must follow underlying domain semantics and should be easy to learn.

API need to have right granularity to offer comprehensive tools for app building. Mesh-up apps wants to control noun object and composite apps want access for verb actions. Fine grained API address coverage for noun object (Domain Objects) like Order/Customer etc as well as verb objects through coarse grained APIs.

After hammering API next come technology choices.

  • Transport Protocol – SOAP vs REST
  • Service Standards – WS *
  • Data Structure Exchange – XML/JSON
  • Standard – OASIS/W3C

How to solve evolving standard problems? Answer lies in Model Driven Development approach.