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SCAM – Story of Data

Read many articles on SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) but none could connect all the dots. So, I tried mine by reordering SMAC as SCAM. What do you think of it?SMAC

From Data Scientist Viewpoint:

“Social Networking brings customer together to share data about products/services usage. To address the scale of this shared social data, Cloud platforms provides scalable & elastic storage to facilitate this large and complex social interactions between customers. To make sense of this complex social interaction in cloud, Analytic collects and correlates this Big Data to bring insights into customer’s behavior about product/services usage. Closing this loop, using these analyzed insights, Mobile delivers personalized products/services into customer’s context.”

From Mobile Developer viewpoint:

“Cloud is the platform which makes the lives of developers a lot more easier and helping developers churn out Apps on the fly (services like BaaS and PaaS is making the lives of developers a lot easier in terms of cost and time). Social engagement is the means through which you spread word about your Apps and to help expand your user base. Analytics is where you understand the user behavior, the market behavior and gain insights that help you make your App even better. And you start with the cycle again.”



It has been a struggle to put my Net isocial_networking_sitesidentity and service usage at one place. Actually, I am great follower of Google Eco-System but while competing this list, there were many important items which fell outside the Google Zone. Following are few which I could jot down.

  • Google Social Graph:
    • Message – Email
    • Chat – Google Talk
    • Calendar – Calendar
    • Photo – Picaca
    • Notes – Notebook
    • Blog Feed – Feedburner
    • RSS – Reader
    • Social Network – Orkut
    • Video – YouTube
    • Blogs – Blogger
    • Website Infrastructure – Apps
  • Non-Google graph:
    • Professional Network: Linkedin and Xing
    • Social Network – Facebook
    • OpenID – Verising, OpenID,
    • Agregator – Mybloglog
    • Network File System – Box net
    • Bookmark – Foxmarks
  • Preferred over Google:

    • Blogs – WordPress
    • Photo – Flikr

Ideally, anyuser would like to keep all his important belonging at one place where trust and faith stays. This is against the philosophy of elders “never keep all the eggs in one basket”, but today when experimentation is the way of life. What if basket can be tightly protected … what is the harm?

My trust in Google services has been nothing less than existence of Sun and Stars in universe. But a million Euro question … Can Google ever fill in the space… and in time?

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