My biggest challenge, after having my laptop hard disk crashed, was to look for a better service which can backup my data files and sametime, makes them available on my office laptop as well as on my mobile. I have tried FolderShare, GSpace, and Funambol. But till date, none of the service could win my heart. Also that my hope of having Google solution into this space sulked as Gdrive came crashing as mare a speculative news.

GigaOM reference to SugarSync file sync service also falls short of my requirement of data-on-my-finger-tip around-the-clock. Definitely SugerSync is a good service. But I have few thoughts with my hats.


  • As a developer, I would like to know more about technology used in it. Is it SyncML based?
  • As a user, I would like to go only with one service which can fill all my need of syncing everything from bookmark, contact, calender to files on all the devices. Will they expand into it?
  • As blogger, I would say Funambol is a closer solution, but they lack of File Syncing service. Will these two solutions (Funambol and SugarSync) ever come together under one umbrella?

Coincidently, I have been working on SyncML related technologies and solutions like Funambol. I am thinking of either

  • developing a full-fledge service to fill this GAP or
  • integrating these discreate entites into “Follow Me Data Sync System”. Any takers???