Few months back, I viewed Cisco CTO Ms Padmasree Warrior Keynote presentation to Mobilize. I found her very impactful and commanding lady. She has very impressive outlook at Cisco’s future technology directions. I term her talk as “Videotic Future”. Padmasree’s talk was about learning of past and comparing it with present and future dynamics.

Here are my keynotes from her keynotes:

Today’s revolution of mobile and internet has brought true globalization by bring human innovation to The Flat World. With time rolling, mobile and internet mashup will soon become pervasive in our way of life. Result is Globalization 2.0, which is allowing seamless flow of capital and innovation between Developed world and Emerging economies. With this we see innovation is flourishing with solid collaboration across the borders. Today, innovation is not the means of solitary genius and large corp, it is oozing from all over places. Put your idea on blog/twitter and you will see people start ideation with you right from all corners of planet. This is indicative of transition from Brainstorming to Brainforming.

At Mobilize, she expressed her concerns about many mobile platforms, both open and proprietary, which are making mobile app developers very confused. There are still no standards  in mobile world and radio frequency not yet regulated across the world. But it is the time to bring internet to mobile to realize its full potential.

Some more retrospective comparisons:

  • Customer behavior is moving from “Ideation and Selection” to “Try and Buy it”.
  • World has moved from consumer and enterprise worker to just “user”.
  • From Public and private network of past, today we talk about “the network”.
  • Having compartmentalizing our past life, it is now about anytime anywhere, “Online”.
  • In the past creating and consuming were two different things and today we are talking about collaboration and sharing.

Every technology evolution has its shelf life, so as Internet, which has reached its threshold. According to her, future trends will be Video, Collaboration and Virtualization. With promising fattening pipes with 10 TBPS by 2010, it will change game the way we see it today. These bigger pipes will lead more demand for visual applications and visual network which will spread into Enterprise to Social through existing internet applications. Video Collaboration will be much bigger. That is why, Cisco is gunning for Videotic future with its products like TelePresence and MediaNet.