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Nadal – A Mental Player


Rafael Nadal is such an inspiring personality to me that every time I watch him, he amazes me with his rigor to win. He has some mental attitude toward win that every ball he hits, has to be a winner.

I was reading an article about ‘Mind over Tennis’ where they argued about Mental strength of Nadal. Here I am jotting down those points.

  • Living in Moment:
    • Has rare ability to embrace the moment, the here and now
    • Biggest strengths is ability to live in the moment.
    • Not just to target for Win but to simply aims to compete for each moment.
  • Self Assessment:
    • Has mental agility to assess a situation on his feet
    • Does self-assessment for different situations, inner emotions and his reactions.
    • Ask questions to self after difficult matches
  • Resilience:
    • Refuses to fade in any circumstances and score-line
  • Self-belief:
    • Belief in himself helped in conquering self-doubt and upping confidence levels.
    • When the chips are down, the believer rides over the doubts.



Just too fascinated with Master Of Tennis Mr. Federer. Here is my reading of his personality and success.

Character of a Master



Certainly, I am no-one in tennis but have been playing leisure tennis (seriously) for sometime now. Started out with a player with lots of energy but no skill. But over period, I could acquire skills but could not win most of my matches. This made me think to analyze the Gaps in my game. After lots of deliberations, I came to realization that I was good at putting effort, improving on skills and being aggressive but was unable to hold my emotions.


Then, I go on to devise the formulas to pull myself out of loosing streak. Here are my experiments on self.

I told myself to remember Two Main Concepts.

  • Getting out of my own way
  • Trusting my athletic self

To do this, I planned to practice the tennis philosophy of “one shot at a time”. This can only be achieved by discipline to clear my mind constantly. In other words, it is like numbing my mind from thinking anything else.  Then I gone back to my teaching of Yoga where it was taught the science of breath and meditation. So, I took two actions out of it:

  • Focusing on my breath all the time
  • Keeping eyes on Ball all the time

After achieving control on my emotion with above technique, I could see only four parameters to juggle with:

  1. The ball
  2. The court
  3. The opponents
  4. The OPTIONS

AND, many time, I have successfully used these techniques to dig myself out of a hole.

Even in situation, when you are down at 0-5 and 0-40 and looking at a humiliating loos down the barrel. Just by thinking positively from here on, could make thing dramatically different. In these situations, I thinks in two ways.

  • If I am going to lose, let me give him some fight for a deserving loss
  • If I am going to loose anyways, let me at least practice something those risky moves and shots. Who know, it might change the direction of game.

More courageous thinking could be,  ” How about take the next 50 shots one at a time. Every time the ball crosses the net, it is my joyful opportunity to take my shot.” this may kill my opponent for “a Sad turn around!!!” …

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