David Intersimone is true evangelist for CodeGear. He has spoken at JAX India 2008 on “How to Apply Software Archeology to Your Development Process” and a great ballroom session on his vision of software industry. Here I would summarise about these sessions.

Vision for Software Industry:

Robotic Code Writing:

In present, tools are already starting generating and migrating the code. The future will not be too far when Business Man, Project Manager or Architect would draw a visual diagrams of system using some modeling language and the tool will generate all the code without even touching a single file. I think that future, we developers may not have to switch profession to something else.

Other important thing:

He repeatedly mentioned that developer job is a highly creative one and we should take its responsibility. If you think it is work, you can as well work at McDonald’s, where scope of creativity is negligible. If you really hell-bent on considering it as a job, better ask for really fat pay.