I have been trying to manage my projects using wiki in my present organization but I am not getting enough attention from Sr management and unable to trigger cultural change in organization.

At this point, I sat down and thought about it. I came to an article on change Management in Organization. So here I am putting my take on Change management with Web 2.0 culture.

Pain Points:
To spread a new agenda, you have to address main pain points of organization.

  • Why? – Business Case
    • You should be able to justify why a person needs to blog?
  • How? – Adaptation
    • New tool should be have easy to install, start and use.
  • Where? – Fragmentation
    • You should be able to connect all these wiki in an organization process.

To have a successful launch, you have to hit the nails from top to bottom.

  1. Senior Management: They are the driving force and should be able to see benefits. Any thing you do, it has to be blessed by top management. They should include it into their mission statement.
  2. Communication: You should be able to do Marketing and advertisements across the company about new idea.
  3. Culture: It will be an more open and collaborative environment. You will have to re-tailore the basic values and process of organization.
  4. Incentives: A change attached with a reward can act as an catalyst to the success of new initiative.
  5. Infrastructure: Yes not to forget, to get best of the solution available for usage. I like Atlassian Confluence.

Launch Considerations:
Once you have above all addressed, you have to see that you can tie every one together for success.
Organization generally work in vertical silos. This web 2.0 effort should work across silos and tie them together horizontally. But you should ensures the integrity of silos while doing this. Example, you don’t want customer representative to know about patent research work in R&D department.

All this work of web 2.0 should be a process oriented otherwise it will loose its significance. It should be like an output of a Wiki update can become input for next stage silo.

With this platform set, you will be able to;

  • serve customer with more efficiency.
  • involve employees for collaboration.
  • manage suppliers better.

So the key to success of of Web 2.0 in your organization

  1. Align it with critical business processes.
  2. Get blessing from top management.